Montag, 13. Februar 2012

Ein Museum - Das Staatliche Aserbaidschanische Teppichmuseum in Baku

Das Staatliche Aserbaidschanische Teppichmuseum wurde 1967 gegründet und Anfang der 70er-Jahre eröffnet - in einer Moschee in Baku. Nach der Implosion der Sowjetunion übersiedelte man das Teppichmuseum (Bild mitte) in das aufgelassene Leninmuseum, das aus den 50er-Jahren stammte (Bild oben). 2009 legte man den Grundstein für einen Neubau des Teppichmuseums, das nun in Bau ist (Rendering, unten) - ein fliegender Teppich als Museum.

The Azerbaijan Carpet Museum is the treasury of Azerbaijan national Culture. Esrablished for researching, keeping and displeying carpets and carpet items, as well as applied art works, the Museum has the most large collection of Azerbaijan carpets in the world, of different weaving techniques and materials.

The Museum was set up in 1967, and the first exhibition was opened in1972. Its collection numbers more than 10 000 objects, including ceramics, metal works, jewelry from Bronze Age, metal worksof 14th century. Carpets and carpet items of the 17th-20th cc.; gold and silver adornment, national garment and embroidery; applied art works of modern period.

In 1983 and 1988 the Museum held the International Symposiums and Oriental carpet art From the begining of its creation the Museum carries out the reseach and public service work. Every year the Museum organizes the Republic and International Exhibitions, and publishers catalogues and booklets to many of them. Temporery exhibitions have been held in more than 30 countries, namely France, Germany, England, Japan, Holland etc.
The Museum's experts make an examination of carpets and applied art works to define their art school, date and value as works of art, and give an permit to export of the art works from the Republic. The experts advise also on purchasing of carpets and applied art works. (Webseite des Museums)

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