Samstag, 1. Juli 2017

Ist der Kapitalismus jetzt wirklich tot? Es gibt nämlich jetzt ein Museum über ihn

Tim Portlock, CA$H_4_GOLD. Courtesy of the Museum of Capitalism

"Countless academics have long foretold the end of capitalism. One artist duo, Andrea Steves and Timothy Furstnau, is bringing all that theorizing down to earth with a museum to memorialize the world’s premier economic and political system, should the end be nigh.

The Museum of Capitalism (MOC), which opened its door this month in Oakland, California, is dedicated to “educating this generation and future generations about the ideology, history, and legacy of capitalism,” the museum’s site states. Visitors are invited to reflect on capitalism as if they resided in a post-capitalist era.
The artists registered the domain Museum of in 2010 after listening to a political theorist give a moving account of visiting the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg, and speculate that a museum might also one day memorialize the end of capitalism. The duo set immediately to the task, with a mission of tying the economic system’s history to race, class, and the environment."

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