Mittwoch, 6. November 2013

Sitzen (Liegen, Kriechen...) im Museum

Everyone wants to climb back into the womb sometimes, especially while trudging the unforgiving aisles of an art fair, but we wonder what Freud would say about Don and Mera Rubell’s double interaction with their daughter Jennifer’s monumental self-portrait on Stephen Friedman’s stand. The sculpture depicts the artist, naked and nine months pregnant but with a large cavity inside her bump (vacated a year ago by its original occupant, her son Max), into which visitors are encouraged to climb for the ultimate—if somewhat public—in utero experience. “I will nurture you, I will sacrifice all for you, I will do everything in my power on this Earth to give you whatever it is you are looking for,” the artist declares. “I will love you, whoever you are, whenever you come, whatever you think of me, forever.” Mommy knows best. The Art Newspaper, 17.10.2013

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