Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2012

Ein Museum: Muzeum romské kultury

We are a space where different cultures meet. We preserve examples of Romani cultural history as part of Europe's heritage.
We educate the younger generation to be tolerant and appreciate other cultures.
We are committed to fighting xenophobia and racism.
We are paving the way to a new understanding of the roots of Romani identity.
All this we do in the name of mutual understanding.
For a dialgoue of cultures.
For us.

Museum of Romani Culture was founded in 1991 in Brno, Czech Republic based on the initiative of Romani and non-Romani Czech intellectuals and experts and with support from the Czech Ministry of Culture. The mission and activity of the museum follows the heritage of the Association of the Gypsies-Romanies (1969 – 1973). It is the first, and so far the only, institution of its kind in Europe. Its aim is the expert collection of records and documents which give evidence of the material and spiritual culture of the Roma and their coexistence with the majority population from the past to the present time. In 2005, the Museum of Romani Culture transformed into a state institution under the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. (Museumswebseite)

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