Mittwoch, 15. August 2012

Wie hindert man Besucher daran, in zehn Minuten durch eine Ausstellung zu rennen?

Fundsache beim 'Perlentaucher'. 2014 wird die Künstlerin Marina Abramovic in New York ein Institute for the Preservation of Performance Art leiten. Die Künstlerin, die es satt hat, daß "das Publikum in zehn Minuten durch Galerien rennt", hat Maßnahmen vorgesehen, daß sich die BesucherInnen Zeit nehmen:

"'First, you will sign a contract that says you must stay for six hours, regardless if there are events scheduled for the entire time or not,' she began. 'Then you will surrender your Blackberry, your iPhone, your watch, your computer… anything that reminds you of time. Then you will be given a white lab coat, because you have become an experimenter. You will also be given sound-cancelling headphones which you can wear when you like.' But that wasn't all. 'You will have an attendant that will move you from room to room. You will be sitting inside a futuristic wheelchair that I'm creating specifically for the institute with designers and architects. It will be designed to have hot food contained in one arm, cold food inside another, and a place for liquids to drink. You will never have to get out of the chair unless you need to. The attendant will take you where you want. Even if you fall asleep - which people might after a 6- or 24-hour performance - you will dream of the performance because you will have in a sense not left it. This is all designed for long-duration experience.'"

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