Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2012

Fundsache "Weltausstellungselefant"

Das Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren / Brüssel offeriert auf seiner Webseite diesen Elefanten als "Schatz des Monats" - mit dieser Erläuterung:
Just like a lot of the other animals in the museum the elephant was collected for the 1958 World Exhibition. A group of hunters gave chase for around 10 days before the elephant was finally shot down on the Bushimaie Hunting Zone in South Kasai. It fell to its stomach and had to be rolled over by hand with the help of as many as 200 villagers. The elephant was immediately skinned and the meat was eaten there and then. Salt was rubbed into the skin which was then placed on a clay floor and left in the shade for three weeks. The dried skin and bones were then shipped to London where the structure which would be fixed to the skin, tusks and teeth was to be constructed. In 1957 the elephant was shipped to Brussels for the 1958 World Exhibition.  A year later it was transferred to the museum in Tervuren.

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